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Making Sublime Text 2 more Emacs awesome

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Welcome to SublemacsPro.

The reasoning behind writing these set of functions is that I love Emacs, however, the UI doesn't feel as snappy as other Mac apps. On the other hand I cannot move to another editor since many of those hyped editors is that they don't provide the keybindings I love.

Then, I found Sublime Text 2. A completly customizable editor allowing you to easily modify all default behaviors so that they suit your editing sytle.

So I wrote sublemacspro bringing Emacs keybindings and sugar to Sublime Text 2. Even though Emacs lives from the plugins, I beleive it is way easier to write new plugins in Python and integrate them in an Emacs-ish way to Sublime Text 2 than writing them in Lisp.


To install SublemacsPro you have to install Package Control as an automatic package manager for Sublime Text 2. Now you can easily install Sublemacs Pro and your installation will never be outdated. When you installed Package Control, hit S-Shift P to open up the command palette and type install. Now select "Package Control: Install Package". This will load all packages from the remore repository and you can select sublemacspro from the drop-down list.


The following features are supported and merged [from][ot3] [other][ot] [approaches][ot2] and the base code of the new beta of [Sublime Text 2][subl].

Key Map

The key bindings are strictly oriented on their original Emacs counterpart, however, sometimes the action might be a little different due to other semantics.


We will try to extend this more and more to provide more features from Emacs to Sublime Text 2 and make this my fast and beautiful Emacs replacement.

Authors and Contributors

2012 Martin Grund (@grundprinzip), Brian M. Clapper (@bmc)